Don’t Break My Tools EP: LIVE NOW (DOwnload IT!)

Tell your friends, your siblings, your parents, your grandmas, your grandpas, your dog, your therapist, your squad, oh and also Go and listen to it on your favorite music platform! Hope you love it! Okay bye now. *If you don’t see it, you might need to wait a few hours for it to release inContinue reading “Don’t Break My Tools EP: LIVE NOW (DOwnload IT!)”

Exclusive Chiptune Music on YouTube

EP bonus material, cause YT crowd is extra nice You scratch my comments, and I’ll scratch your chiptune music! The “why”: Since the YouTube community has praised chiptune music by BrokenToolsGames so much, BTG YouTube channel is getting an exclusive 8 bit music track not included in the standard version of Don’t Break My ToolsContinue reading “Exclusive Chiptune Music on YouTube”

Don’t Break My Tools EP

Releases in 10 days! (February 12) Follow / Like BrokenToolsGames on your favorite music thingy, so you don’t miss it, mkay? Here are some things people said about my music and the game Protagonism “Best indie game on Steam” – some guy whose name I don’t remember “Funny game, compelling story in which your choicesContinue reading “Don’t Break My Tools EP”