8 video games you didn’t realize are about love

Valentine’s Day Special For Gamers

Romeo and Juliet killed themselves in pursuit of love for each other.
Brutus killed Caesar in pursuit of love for Democratic Rome.
GLaDOS killed EVERY-FREAKING-THING in pursuit of love for science!


There have been many stories about love.
Romantic love, parental love, love of a pet, love between friends, love of cake,
but this saga explores the most important love of all.
Love of Arstotszka!

Glory to Arstoszka!

Papers, Please

You can go on a date with a skeleton.
And help a fish hookup with a weird yellow thingy.

What else could you want?


You care about her.

When she’s crying alone in the dark, you thoughtfully turn off your flashlight and keep your distance.

You know she needs her space when she is like that; and you know better than to startle the witch.

Left 4 Dead

You know the love is real when

Heavy Rain

He travelled a million worlds, defeated armies of formidable foes, in search of something that had been missing from his heart.

Only when it was too late, did he realize that the love of his life had been right beside him the entire time. He tried to replace her, but no amount of virtual assistants could fill that void.

Sometimes they can hear him whispering her name in his sleep “cortana”, “cortana”.


He had a wife and a son whom he loved with his entire being.
But everything changed when the wife got shot and the son abducted.
However, his grieving didn’t last, since he quickly discovered his love for collecting every single piece of trash in order to defend a yet “anOtHEr sETtLmeNt” that “NEedS oUr hElp”.

Fallout 4


Most guys are just looking for a girl who will sit on their face as hard as a headcrab.


Pure and utter devotion to the companion cube.

BONUS: Portal again

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