Exclusive Chiptune Music on YouTube

EP bonus material, cause YT crowd is extra nice

You scratch my comments, and I’ll scratch your chiptune music!

The “why”:

Since the YouTube community has praised chiptune music by BrokenToolsGames so much, BTG YouTube channel is getting an exclusive 8 bit music track not included in the standard version of Don’t Break My Tools EP that is on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

The “game”:

Most video games seem to use music mostly because they have to. So in Protagonism, I wanted to make music good enough to be considered “just” music, rather than a yet another game soundtrack. I also wanted to pay respects to the classics and their “old music” that made it possible for me to be doing this. So I arrived at a game soundtrack that is in essence chiptune music mixed with more modern sounds and techniques. And then, even if unintentionally, I gained some inspiration from the Undertale soundtrack.

And the “why”, again???

Why am I even mentioning Protagonism? Well, it’s the story rich game I’m working on, that gets me out of bed. Oh and also, this EP is an extension of Protagonism chiptune soundtrack. Both the game and the music are somewhat inspired by Undertale and Undertale soundtrack. Some commenters even said that Protagonism theme sounds like Megalovania, even though I don’t really see it. And if, for some reason, you haven’t heard of Undertale, you must be using the internet wrong. It might just be one of, if not the best indie games ever!

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