Don’t Break My Tools EP

Releases in 10 days!

(February 12)

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Here are some things people said about my music and the game Protagonism

  • “Best indie game on Steam” – some guy whose name I don’t remember
  • “Funny game, compelling story in which your choices matter, great soundtrack and lots of replay value ” – me, myself and I
  • “I’ve played the demo and it already looks very, very good. I love the concept and how it’s done. And these jokes are amazing!” – YouTube commenter 1
  • “Bruh this song is fire.” – YouTube commenter 2
  • “NO, I DO0NT BUI YUOR SHET” – Some hating edge lord
  • “I… did not skip the ad… It was fucking amazing. Now time to try out the game.” – YouTube commenter 3

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