EP Release Feb 12th (Don’t Break My Tools)

Don’t Break My Tools EP features 4 instrumental tracks of different styles, is scheduled to come out on February 12th 2021 and will be available on pretty much all music platforms.

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Here are some things people said about my music and the game Protagonism

  • “It’s a bop” – my sister in law
  • “Brought here Cause this Beat go HARD !!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 ….time to sample” – YouTube commenter 1
  • “this was the first ad i didnt skip and i wishlisted this on steam” – YouTube commenter 2
  • “Second” – YouTube commenter 3
  • “trash lol” – YouTube commenter 4
  • “really hope more people discover about this game, seems dope.” – YouTube commenter 5

Thanks for reading my stuff. Okay, bye now.

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